Letter To Parents Telling Them About Your Well Being

Letter writing is an art we can impress any one through our writing skill. Always we see another written letters to see how to write a good letter and what to write in the letter. We also try to understand what is letter in English or any language like hindi, bangla, telugu, kannad and Marathi language. But a good formatted written letter always like by others. In examination there are many kinds of letters are asked like formal letter and informal letter. There are many varieties in these two cattegory of letter wrting skill. These are complaining letters, application to principal, letter to newspaper editor, letter to officer, job letter etc.

Formal and Informal Letter Examples and Formats

Letter To Parents Telling Them About Your Well Being


Write a letter to your parents telling them about your well being.


Examination Hall,

Kanpur city,

March 4, 20XX,  

My dear Mumma,

I know that you always worry about me and you become ill. How I explain you that I am so much well being here. A mother always worries about her children. But you needn't this. I am very well and I am busy in preparation of my next exams. Our hostel is a perfect place for studies as well as discipline. I have some good friends here. They love me and take care of need of each other. You need not worry about my studies. I obtained good marks in second terminal examination. My teacher always keeps me in studying and helps to keep healthy. You should assure that I am well being here. I can look after myself your baby is not a tittle child, mom. I never can see you worried and ill. 

With best regards and love. 

Yours truly,


What is formal letter?

The letter which we write official letter to officers, principal, letter to boss, letter to office incharge etc. These letters are written in formal format as we learn official letter format and examples of formal letter, letters of business as well as letters examples for formal. An official letter format is more useful and view of exams we should prepare this carefully as it is well formated and words should be at right place.

How to write formal letters?

First you learn and see the more letters examples format, and learn how they written letter also letter structure. So if you learn writing a formal letter you can easily write your letter in one to two steps. Official letters are also called formal letter which may be various types of formal letters. If you study in class and preparing for examination you must learn formal letters for class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and also can see job letters, inquery letters.

We have included here these all topic in these articles and letters

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Letter To Parents Telling Them About Your Well Being

What is Informal Letter?

All those letters which are written to relatives and friends are called as infromal letters. In the section of infromal letter we write a letter to father, mother, brother, sister and uncle aunt etc. as well as all friends. This is very important for us to know that what is a informal letter before writing a informal letter for class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and without seeing the infromal letter formats. Letters-Letter To Parents Telling Them About Your Well Being. Here we included latest Letters for year 2023.

What is differences between formal letters and informal letters?

Before giving the answer of above questions there are too many other questions about types informal letter questions,informal letter introduction, informal letter in English format, informal letter in english example of formal and informal letter also formal and informal letter types which you learn above topics now we know ablot formal and informal letter difference, formal and informal letter format, difference between formal letter and informal letter.

Differences between formal and informal letters:

Formal Letters are mainly official letter which written to an officers or any person who sits on honorable chair like the Manager, the Principal, the director, the boss, the seceratory, the presidents, the CM, the PM, the editor etc. While informal letter are written to relatives and friends.

Job Letters and Inquery Letters?

When we have to buy any articles or deal for self business then we have to write a letter to the concern form, shop or institution and organisation for inquiry about our purchasing items. such letters are called inquiry letters. In which we are asked about the items and its rate and details.

Job letters are another types of letters which asked in exams of class 10, 11 and 12 board exams. Practically, when we search for a job or sarkari job or any private job or apply for a job the we write a letter to the concern office with job application and attach a well formated resume or biodata. Such letters are called job letters.


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